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New Year's Resolution: Eat & drink better, not less.

Carlsberg 0.0%   HK$55
A naturally refreshing low calorie alcohol-free beer. A fruity hop-pronounced lager with a balanced body and crisp bitterness.

Superfood Salad   HK$115
Baby spinach, broccoli, asparagus, green peas, edamame, green apples, mint sorbet

Sencha Detox Smoothie   HK$82
Protelicious Sencha whey protein, mango, cashews, spinach, basil, lime juice

More Calcium   HK$100/100g
Tomme de Chèvre, pasteurized goat's milk cheese with fewer calories & more nutrients

Available from 1 - 31 January at all Classified locations except New World Tower


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