We're proud to be partnering with Les Frères Marchand, experts of cheese with a family long tradition passed down through 6 generations since the 1880s. Each month, we bring new cheeses for you to discover.


Cœur De Neufchâtel
A delicate cow's milk heart shaped cheese with a velvety smooth bloom, rich & crumbly textures with a gentle salty flavour.

Cœur Cendré Sur Feuille
A sweet & salty goat milk heart shaped cheese with crusty ashes, a gentle nutty tang with mushroom undertones.

Fleur Du Maquis
An uncooked & unpressed cheese with an earthy natural rind covered in rosemary, thyme, coriander seeds & savoury dried herbs for a subtle aromatic taste.

Cedro do Noval, Tinto 2014
A concentrated wine of plums and  raspberries with a stunning peppery finish.
Available from 1st - 29th February at all Classified locations except New World Tower.