We're proud to be partnering with Les Frères Marchand, experts of cheese with a family long tradition passed down through 6 generations since the 1880s. Each month, we bring new cheeses for you to discover.


Mont d'Or AOP au lait cru
A soft raw cow’s milk cheese which has creamy, pine & sweet flavour with strong aroma & smell of mushroom.

Raclette à la Moutarde
A soft pasteurized cow’s milk cheese with full nutty, sweet & slightly fruity aromas, featuring the taste of mustard.

Raclette de Savoie IGP au lait cru
A raw cow’s milk cheese which is firm but melt easily with very fine smell & very perfumed taste.

Raclette Fumée au feu de bois
A firm pasteurized cow’s milk cheese with fruity & some lactic aromas, featuring sweet flavour.

Walter Hansel Sauvignon Blanc, Lake County, Sonoma County, USA 2014
Notes of melon, fig and pears marry beautifully with the creamy, vibrant and mineral mouth feel
Available from 1st October - 30th November at all Classified locations except New World Tower.

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