We're proud to be partnering with Les Frères Marchand, experts of cheese with a family long tradition passed down through 6 generations since the 1880s. Each month, we bring new cheeses for you to discover.


Douceur de la brie
A sweet & acidic flavoured soft cheese associated with the Brillat-Savarin family made with pasteurized cow's milk.

Langres AOP
A mature raw cow's milk cheese with a dense centre with a sharp & intense taste.

Reblochon de Savoie AOP
A pressed raw cow's milk cheese, with a fine underline of nutty & rosy flavours of herbaceous.

Valserrano Bianco, Rioja, Spain 2013
Aromas of fresh citrus fruit, aromatic herbs with a fragrance of Pear William.
Available from 1st - 31st April at all Classified locations except New World Tower.